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Questions that reach us.

Are all your glasses produced in Japan?

We produce in Japan as well as in Germany. Titanium production is a Japanese domain, so titanium frames are also produced in Sabae/Japan. Acetate frames, on the other hand, are manufactured in Germany. Currently we are developing 3D-based spectacle frames made of biocompatible materials, these will also carry the “Made in Germany” label.

Where can you buy flawless glasses, can you order them online?

Our frames are available exclusively from selected opticians. You can find your nearest store in the finder.

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How much do the glasses cost in the store?

Depending on the model, the prescription frames cost about 300 euros.

I have a question about my flawless glasses. Who can I contact?

Basically to the optician of your choice. We are also happy to help you at any time at post@makellos-eyewear.de.

How did you come up with the name "makellos"?

The word flawless is associated with, among other things, aesthetics, purity and clarity. Even if perfection is an illusion, the path is the goal, the longing for perfection remains. The name stands for lifelong learning and constant improvement, matching the German-Japanese DNA.

What do the signs under the makellos logo mean?

The characters originate from the Japanese syllabary Katakana. It is mainly used for foreign words and foreign names. In this case, they stand for the word “flawless”.

When and how often do you release new products?

We present our new products two to three times a year. January and August are fixed launch dates. Occasionally, we also surprise with a new idea in between.


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