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Old and new combine in Tokyo to form a mysterious, harmonious symbiosis of tradition, innovation and progress. Japan rests in its tradition, but does not remain stagnant. Again and again it brings forth new, fascinating ideas. With its eyeglass frames, makellos. expresses its passion for the contrasts, diversity and mysterious specificity of Japan. While the prescription frames follow the minimalist Japanese style, the sunglasses in annual limited editions show the other, fashionably innovative and occasionally shrill Japan, which has its home in the creative epicenter Harajuku.

Craftsmanship has been very important in Japan for many centuries. From architecture to textiles to lifestyle products, the diversity of Japanese craftsmanship is omnipresent. Japanese design captivates through a feeling for forms and materials. Artists and craftsmen create works of the highest quality with trained eyes and skilled hands. Makellos. ties in with this.

Fascinating contrasts.

Thomas Akiyama in Tokyo

Tokyo – once called the last stop before the moon – is a city of fascinating contrasts. A place of fantasy and dreams – glittering, hectic and overstimulating on the one hand, it also gives room for spirituality and invites you to linger with many oases of tranquility.

Thomas Akiyama, founder of the German-Japanese eyewear label makellos. spent most of his childhood in Japan’s capital. As a German-Japanese, he is at home in both worlds. In his flawless. collections, he combines the best of both cultures.


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